Robert Halfon MP
Honorary President, Tory Workers



Our history shows that the Conservatives have always been the party for working people.

It was Disraeli who made it possible for workers to fight for a fair deal and legalised trade unions.

Stanley Baldwin not only gave votes to women with the Equal Franchise Act, but also introduced a state pension for widows and workers and their wives over the age of 65.

Following on the first Education Act introduced by Lord Salisbury in 1891, which made primary school free, Churchill made secondary education free for all with the Education Act in 1944.

Macmillan built 300,000 homes per year in the 1950s and in 1980s Margaret Thatcher made it possible for more than 1 million families to buy their own home for the first time.

Because of this long tradition of helping workers, during the 1980s 250 Conservative Trade Unionists branches were created across the country.

I am proud to be supporting the newly constituted Conservative Trade Unionists movement, which will give an even stronger voice to workers & trade unionists in our Party.

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