Our Proud History

Our Proud History

Robert Peel

  • Against wishes of landowners repealed the Corn Law reducing the cost of food for all working people

Benjamin Disraeli

  • Supported the regeneration of housing stock in our towns and cities to better provide decent accommodation for families
  • Gave workers the right to sue companies if an employer broke work contracts
  • Allowed picketing

Lord Salisbury

  • Education Act (1881) made primary schooling free and available to all

Stanley Baldwin

  • Coined principle of “property owning democracy” (1924)
  • Equal Franchise Act 1928 brought women’s voting age down to 21 years in line with men
  • ‘The Widows, Orphans and Old-Age Pension Act’ (1925) provided a pension of 10 shillings a week for widows with extra payments for children, and 10 shillings a week for workers and their wives at age 65 years

Winston Churchill

  • Education Act 1944 brought free secondary education to all
  • Improved health and safety standards in quarries and mines
  • Gave definition to what standard of housing was fit for human habitation

Harold MacMillan

  • In early 1950s delivered a new housing programme of over 300,000 homes per year

Margaret Thatcher

  • Reduced the basic rate of income tax from 33% to 25% so all workers could keep a higher proportion of their wage
  • Introduced right to buy helping more than 1 million families to get onto the property ladder, many of them for the first time
  • Through privatisation delivered lower prices and better services for all

John Major

  • Oversaw Britain’s longest period of continuous economic growth
  • Introduced the Citizen’s Charter giving people the power of choice when using public services

David Cameron

  • Helped create 3 million apprenticeships
  • Introduced a new National Living Wage for all working people aged 25 and over
  • Starting next April 2016 at £7.20 an hour the Living Wage will reach over £9 an hour by 2020
  • Workers soon to be able to earn £11,000 before paying any income tax at all
  • Taken 3.8 million workers out of income tax altogether